Fix Things

Written By: Zainoun ,

Owen Reynolds, Ben Gingerich ​Produced/Mixed: Kaity Rae ​Mixed By: Gazz Gwyn

Mastered: João Carvalho

© 2022



“Music was the only language I had to express my ideas”

At a young age, Zainoun’s spirit to entertain and captivate attention was his superpower. His love for theatre and music transcended through his drive to share his stories and ideas to inspire others. As a multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter he has found a passion to create.

Zainoun is no stranger to change, As a first-generation Canadian he has experienced many ups and downs, and has found a way to always use the power of music to connect the world. Zainoun is not your average pop singer, his cultural roots, and immense knowledge of the media production industry has allowed him to explore all areas of what it means to be an artist. His determination to inspire people from all walks of life especially from his background allows him to embrace his uniqueness, and pride allowed him to find success as an artist, and fight for representation of being a queer middle eastern pop artist in today's music industry.

Since, he’s released his 2019 debut track, “Lover Like You”. The unique pop singer has hit the ground running working on his upcoming singles and EP’s. Zainoun’s message and ability to connect with others has allowed him share his music at The David Suzuki Foundation Gala at the iconic Art Gallery of Ontario, on NOV. 5, 2019. Although the stories in his work are ever-changing, his drive to inspire and connect with like minded individuals stays strong. Zainoun's EP "Zainoun" is set to release in the new year. The collection of tracks will capture Zainoun's falsetto and range in very catchy lyrics that revolve around life experiences.